Best Practices for Preventive Facility Maintenance

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Preventive Facility Maintenance

When it comes to budgeting, many companies overlook the importance of preventative maintenance and don’t concern themselves with the cost of repairs until there are visible signs of damage.

Although it may seem unwarranted to consider such unforeseen expenditures in the short term, on average, taking preventative measures can save you 12% – 20% in the long run.

Implementing a basic preventative maintenance plan can allow you to review the expected life of your assets and estimate when maintenance should be performed and at what cost.

Making the correct investments now will show considerable return in the future.  Here are a few areas to consider:

·         Extended life of the building, roof and parking

·         Increased life expectancy of assets – plant equipment and work vehicles

·         Reduced overall production downtime and maintenance costs overtime 

·         Improved protection and safety conditions for employees and external services conditions for everyone

·         Decreased instances of unplanned major repairs and / or overhauls

Planned facility preventative maintenance is becoming more and more popular with an estimated 6% increase spending annually.

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As is true in most situations, when you have a plan, you can make things happen and create a better working environment.  

Here are just a few items to consider when building your companies Preventative Maintenance Plan for your Facility:

·         The safety of employees

·         Infrastructure / Construction

·         Space / Design and functionality

·         Wear factors – existing and potential

·         Timeline of maintenance and improvements

·         Budget Scope for the next Ten Years

Plan today for a better, safer tomorrow!

Jill Myers
Product Specialist


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