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Competitive pricing, fast first-choice access to the right product for the job, assurance of superior quality and reliable, well-informed service are the cornerstones of Grimes' success. On the supply side of the business equation, Grimes product managers maintain close watch for innovative products and new technologies. On the demand side, we listen to our customers and anticipate their wants. We value long-term productive customer relationships, and we work hard to earn our customers' confidence and keep their trust.

Grimes is successful because we put our customers' needs first, and because we understand the what's and whys of what they do in the context of an increasingly competitive business environment. We've found that many Grimes customers, large and small, have identified the need to improve their industrial products purchasing and supply management processes to achieve greater efficiency and enhanced productivity.

For this reason, we developed the Grimes NeXus Supply Management Portal which is geared to reduce overall procurement costs in acquiring and inventorying all kinds of industrial supplies, materials and tools. Our goals are to ensure that you obtain the best pricing and receive the best value possible in buying the right products for the job, and that those products will be at hand when needed.

Grimes product management team endeavors to source the "best and brightest" product solutions, promotions, and optimal buying opportunities. Our experience, in-depth product knowledge and applications expertise have led us to develop particularly effective supply management strategies and it is our goal to strengthen your operations and administration through:

Better pricing and quality-for-money value,
Reliable timely supply of all kinds of industrial product needs,
Specific identification of what's required for what job,
Customized billing and standardized procedures for administrative consistency,
Reduced paperwork volumes,
Enhanced procurement cost oversight and tracking,
Increased control of tools, materials and supplies inventory, and the convenience of a single-source supplier.

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