Your Guide to Industrial Safety Supplies

While some job sites are a bit more dangerous than others, employers can help mitigate risks and keep people safe by being prepared with the proper industrial safety supplies. Offering people the proper tools increases their feelings of security and helps them perform better at their jobs. On top of that, you’ll want to make sure that you’re following the specific laws and protocols outlined in your province.

In this handy guide, we’ll go over the basic tools and equipment you should always have in stock if you operate an industrial business.

Filter Masks

Disposable air purifying masks can ensure that people are kept safe, not only from COVID-19, but common colds and other airborne illnesses that could appear as asymptomatic. Having high-quality, filter masks available at all times on a jobsite means that they’re accessible to people who otherwise might not be able to find them. They’re also handy to have if someone forgets their own at home. If people are working close together and want the added protection, they have the option to mask up.

Besides protecting people from illness, filter masks are best for jobs that require people to handle dangerous chemicals. They’re also great for those who work on the factory floor or in areas that experience large amounts of dust particles from grinding or sanding materials. In these cases, masks are a must to protect the health and safety of workers. Additionally, offer masks that are compatible with protective eyewear and hearing protectors so that people can work comfortably. Two-strap designs offer a more secure fit and promote longer wear time.

One-Touch Dispensers

One-touch dispensers are a great way to supply workers with safety equipment while keeping everything organized and sanitary. For example, an earplug dispenser that offers ear plugs one at a time is easy to use and designed for both indoor and outdoor settings. Sometimes these one-touch dispensers and single-use products can seem like additional waste, but they’re the one thing you don’t want to skimp on. Being environmentally conscious is important and there are many ways a business can improve their carbon footprint, but safety should also come first. Having one-touch dispensers with backup earplugs will keep workers safe and offer them a plan B if they happen to forget their own equipment.

Dispensers for hand sanitizer, cloth masks or plastic goggles are also great to have around on a site so that workers are provided with accessible equipment.


Secure, reliable headgear is a must for anybody who works on a construction site or within a factory. They protect workers’ heads, eyes, and face from dangerous chemicals and debris. Supplying people with high-quality headgear will benefit you as a business and will also keep workers safe. Having both single-use and reusable headgear or facial shields at a worksite is fantastic because it gives people options.

We offer a wide selection of hard hats and face shields that protect against falling or flying objects, but they can also prevent UV glare if people are working outside. But headgear doesn’t just mean hard hats. Protective hoods, goggle clips and chin straps are all equipment that could benefit different situations, depending on the task. Protective hoods, for example, might be needed on a case-by-case basis if chemicals are handled on rare occasions. Having protective hoods or other products that you might not use all the time in your back pocket will ensure that you and your employees are never left in the lurch.

Eye-washing Stations

Protective eye gear is a must for ensuring optimal safety at work. This includes not just safety glasses or goggles, but face shields. However, sometimes these preventative measures are not enough and you need to have a backup. Portable eye-washing stations are an effective tool that can be used in emergency situations if unwanted materials or chemicals get in the eye.

These portable stations work to deliver clean, filtered water through a spray head which gently flushes out the eye. You can also have a bottle of antibacterial additive, which can prevent infections, upping the safety measures. These stations might be mandatory depending on the type of environment that you’re working within, and you might even need to have more than one. Check with your local laws or speak to one of our experts if you’re unsure.

Workers providing first aid on a construction site

First Aid & Protective Clothing

Lastly, first aid kits are essential tools that every job site should have, no matter what industry. By offering a wide range of bandages, cleansers, and medical grade tapes, you can customize your own kits depending on what you use the most. While store bought pre-packaged first-aid kids are essential, creating your own and tracking which products you use the most will make sure that your individual needs are met.

On top of that, to help ensure that accidents don’t happen, offering safety clothing is essential. Staying stocked up on reflective vests, safety wristers, and bands will ensure that the first aid kit rarely needs to be used. While it’s always necessary to have first aid equipment on a job site, it’s good to think about preventative measures as well.

Stock Up on Safety

Maintaining a well-stocked supply of safety products and knowing which ones you use the most will ensure that your business is prepared. Both you and your employees will be safer and your business will thrive. While we’ve outlined some of the basic products that are the most important to have on a job site, this list is by no means comprehensive. It’s important to assess your workplace and speak with your employees, asking them what kinds of products they use the most and plan accordingly.

As mentioned before, it’s also important to check in with local laws and make sure your facility is up to code. We have a huge selection of wholesale industrial safety equipment that can be purchased online and delivered directly to you. Continue browsing through our catalogue, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to one of our specialists!

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