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We’re passionate about our customers and focus on making their experience the best it can be. Advertising is part of that experience.

That’s why we use real day-to-day customer journeys to define our custom display advertising solutions. The results:

For customers, more precise and relevant ads, enhancing their experience
For advertisers, delivery of the right message to the right shopper at the right time
Grimes Web Media (GWM) offers advertisers integrated advertising and promotional programs to reach a highly affluent and educated audience of purchasers, business owners, and consumers.

Extend and amplify the buzz about your products using social networking viral media.

Be a part of the conversation as purchasers and consumers update their colleagues about what products they are using and the results they are getting.
Use ads that integrate with the Grimes’ trusted brand.
Track and improve your campaign performance with transparent reporting.
Create beautiful, precise, relevant campaigns that drive results.
It’s time to harness the power of Grimes ecommerce by delivering advertising for your brand that’s both responsive and adaptive to customers, such as customer reviews. Help customers make smarter purchasing decisions and make it easy for them to buy your product directly from your advertisements.

The GWM Advertising Platform puts your campaigns in front of purchasers at all Grimes owned and operated websites, at other high-quality websites, and/or when they initialize and watch video content.

We offer a variety of placements, including the ability to integrate eGrimesDirect Commerce advertisements functionality.

If your goal is to show eye-catching creative advertisements and increase brand engagement, GWM can place your message front and center with video formats during natural content breaks, driving traffic to customized landing pages and customized product pages featuring your products.

Through GWM’s managed service solution, you can leverage Grimes ability to observe millions of real-time, actual purchasers behaviors to reach purchasers in more precise ways, creating more relevant experiences for customers and better results for your business.

Opportunities include:

Website Advertising: Cut through the clutter and reach the decision-makers. Reinforce your brand and guide executives to your content with a knock-out banner ad and a sponsored text link to your products. Varying ad sizes, calls to action, banners, and spaces available.

Targeted Opt-In E-Mail Program: Send your customized HTML message to 13,000+ executives as a single sponsor message to the GWM approved Opt In list. We never sell or rent our lists, but offer select delivery of your content on a one-time or multi-month program to clients that have specifically requested to be contacted. Best practices for this program include new product announcements, industry specific cost saving opportunities, innovative processes introduction and/or promotions.

GWM Sponsored Content: Exclusive content zones on our home, category and subcategory pages, dedicated to the promotion of your company, brands, or products via your produced content. All content subject to approval by the GWM editorial team.

The 2020 / 2021 Media Kit will be available September 2019
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