Become a Supplier

Thank you for your interest in becoming a supplier to Grimes. We appreciate engaging and collaborating with quality suppliers to help us meet the needs of our customers.

As a Grimes supplier, you would be expected to provide value-added products and services.  Our business relationship needs to help support organic growth, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Our Business Relationship

We are looking for good products, delivered on-time, that sell well.

We expect competitive pricing, samples, on-going support, and a continual chain of new or improved products in the pipeline.

Exclusivity when possible is highly desirable. If the product is new, we will expect support to help grow the brand. The level of support expected can vary from simply supplying graphics and collateral materials to creating special product samples or providing co-op marketing dollars or a set-aside marketing budget.

Lower pricing is always desired. Lower prices can be used instead of providing marketing dollars. In such a case we would market and promote your brand. Or as described earlier, lower prices or free products can be exchanged for participation in our marketing initiatives.

Samples - provided the product in question can be sampled, can be provided based on order volume or purchased separately at a reduced cost. Or there can be a set aside “allotment” of samples. The specifics are usually quite specific to the industry and types of products.

On-going support will vary from supplier to supplier but may include regular conference calls or meetings or simply providing new information, photos, or marketing materials. Or it may mean joint efforts to actively promote the brand to help drive end-user sales down the channel pipeline. What level of support required is generally influenced by the industry and types of products and is open for discussion.

Co-op Funds, Volume Rebates and Marketing Alliance via Grimes Web Media to be discussed on a supplier to supplier basis.

If you are selected as a Grimes supplier, you will be expected to demonstrate consistent improvement in each of these areas and to follow specific guidelines to help deliver lower cost which will allow us to be more effective in the marketplace.

Our suppliers are also expected to comply with all applicable laws and to conduct business ethically.

Supplier Selection

Suppliers are selected based on their ability to meet Grimes requirements including technical capability, product and service quality, innovative product and service improvements, responsiveness, timely and accurate delivery, total cost, financial strength and best overall value.

These are consistent with Grimes’ own expectations for service to its' customers and reflect the spirit of partnership we expect with our suppliers.

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