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Draeger X-plore - Respiratory Protection

Today's challenging conditions call for high quality respiratory protection & you can count on Draeger safety products.

eGrimesDirect proudly offers the Draeger line of quality products and we are happy to assist you in finding the right product for your application.

Draeger has been in business for over 100 years & supplies a wide range of respiratory protection products & system solutions.

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Drager X-plore 2100

A dusty environment requires a Drager X-plore 2100 respirator for protection.

Drager X-plore 2100 is a reusable mask and an alternative to a regular disposable mask. 

An comfortable ergonomic and non-slip head harness  along with replaceable filter is a very cost effective  way to work or play. 

A great combination of safety and economic efficiency for every job you have to do. 

Drager X-plore 1300 

This mask is your best mask to be protected against solid and liquid particles. 

A disposable dust mask that offers superior comfort, and safety.

Made with a CoolSAFE filter material that combines low breathering resistance and high filter performance. 

A flexible nose clip ensures a good fit as well as a nose seal that gives an effective seal around the nose. 

Drager X-plore 5500

Drager X-plore 5500

Whether in the chemical, metal, or automotive industries this mask  is the best fit for you. 

The Drager X-plore 5500 full face mask is a great solution when you need exemplary protection and still have clear vision. 

An efficient ventilation system with separate interior half mask ensures a fog-free lens and unobstructed view. 

A comfortable 5 point harness ensures that the mask is easy and quick to don. 

Drager X-plore 1700

The Dräger X-plore 1700 makes breathing easy and comfortable.

The CoolSAFE filter material  combines low breathing resistance and high filter performance 

Equiped with a CoolMAX™ valve efficiently releases humid and warm exhaled air to the outside.

The Drager X-plore 1700 head harness offers a well  constructed mask thus creating comfort with minimal pressure.

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