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Draeger X-plore - Respiratory Protection

Today's challenging conditions call for high quality respiratory protection & you can count on Draeger safety products.

eGrimesDirect proudly offers the Draeger line of quality products and we are happy to assist you in finding the right product for your application.

Draeger has been in business for over 100 years & supplies a wide range of respiratory protection products & system solutions.

Drager X-plore 2100

A dusty environment requires a Drager X-plore 2100 respirator for protection.

Drager X-plore 2100 is a reusable mask and an alternative to a regular disposable mask.

An comfortable ergonomic and non-slip head harness along with replaceable filter is a very cost effective way to work or play.

A great combination of safety and economic efficiency for every job you have to do.

Drager X-plore 1300

This mask is your best mask to be protected against solid and liquid particles.

A disposable dust mask that offers superior comfort, and safety.

Made with a CoolSAFE filter material that combines low breathering resistance and high filter performance.

A flexible nose clip ensures a good fit as well as a nose seal that gives an effective seal around the nose.

Drager X-plore 5500

Whether in the chemical, metal, or automotive industries this mask is the best fit for you.

The Drager X-plore 5500 full face mask is a great solution when you need exemplary protection and still have clear vision.

An efficient ventilation system with separate interior half mask ensures a fog-free lens and unobstructed view.

A comfortable 5 point harness ensures that the mask is easy and quick to don.

Drager X-plore 1700

The Dräger X-plore 1700 makes breathing easy and comfortable.

The CoolSAFE filter material combines low breathing resistance and high filter performance

Equiped with a CoolMAX™ valve efficiently releases humid and warm exhaled air to the outside.

The Drager X-plore 1700 head harness offers a well constructed mask thus creating comfort with minimal pressure.

Shop eGrimesDirect for industrial safety equipment made by Draeger Safety. Get mining supplies, N95 personal protective equipment, fit for duty tools and more.

For on-the-job safety you can trust, eGrimesDirect supplies the Draeger Safety products you and your employees need.

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When you need safety material you can trust, eGrimesDirect brings you what you need. For both industrial and DIY projects, we carry equipment that can protect you from toxic substances, electrical shock, falling objects, fire, and more.

By carrying trusted brands like Draeger Safety, you can know that we put quality first in our dealings. Find the protective equipment you need from Draeger Safety with us.

Our Draeger Safety Products

A fifth-generation global business, Draeger Safety's earliest equipment development concentrated on creating rescue supplies. With the need to protect rescue workers going into areas with falling rocks and dangerous fumes, Draeger Safety got to work creating the technology that would protect them.

Today, five generations later, Draeger Safety still wants to protect miners and rescue teams, as well as other industrial workers.

Personal Protective Equipment

Draeger has long produced industrial personal protective equipment. This respiratory protective equipment has been used by all manner of industries where oxygen levels may be reduced, such as firefighting, or toxic substances may be in the air, such as mining.

With the recent coronavirus pandemic (Covid 19), Draeger's experience with respiratory protective equipment set them up to be prime producers of masks. Just five weeks in, Draeger's North American factory was permitted and building up to start productions of protective equipment for the pandemic. They were also able to bring local people whose employment was impacted by the pandemic to work at the factory.

Today, you can purchase personal protective equipment to fight the coronavirus pandemic from Draeger. Protecting yourself, your family, your employees, and your colleagues is simpler with the ability to order quality products through eGrimesDirect.

Shop four-layer N95 masks made by Draeger in the United States as well as other personal protective equipment:

Draeger X-plore® 1700
For workers in need of an FFP or filtering face mask, the X-plore® 1700 offers low breathing resistance and a CoolSAFE™ filter.

Draeger X-plore® 1750 N95 Mask
For protection against fine particles and viruses, the N95 mask is in high demand.

Mine Ventilation and Respiratory Equipment

Keep the worksite safe with the right level of mine ventilation, and gas detection equipment and respiratory masks on hand. In mining, respiratory hazards are present due to blast fumes, and diesel emissions.

Are you already using Draeger gas detection or drug & alcohol screeners? Let us introduce you to their respiratory protection.

Spot leaks faster with monitoring and alert equipment.

Check out portable alert systems from Draeger:

Draeger X-pid® 9500
Keep safety in your pocket with a handheld gas measurement device. Find benzene, butadiene, and volatile organic compounds with the X-pid®.

Draeger Sampling Tubes and Systems
Get the information you need on the complex compounds you test with these reliable sampling tubes and systems.

Fit for Duty

Making sure that everyone is ready and able to take on a serious job like mining or construction is an important part of job site safety. That's why Draeger Safety produces Fit for Duty tools that help management keep everyone accountable.

Easily test on the job site for the presence of drugs or alcohol in a worker's system. Don't let your workers be compromised by the substances used by just one of them.

The danger of operating heavy machinery or working with explosive substances while under the influence can increase the risk of an accident. Furthermore, worker productivity may suffer.

Shop our drug and alcohol testing products now, including:

Draeger Alcotest® 5000
A fast breath analysis that can detect alcohol, test up to 12 workers per minute for a quick scan on the way into the site with the Alcotest® 5000.

Draeger DrugCheck® 3000
A quick oral test for recent drug consumption, be confident in the results of this fast-acting drug test.

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