1186 6 x Non-Vacuum Red Abrasive 260L Aluminum oxide 1000 grit velcro film disc

by 3M

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CA VEL 1186

3M Hookit Red Abrasive Film Disc 260L is a re-attachable abrasive disc intended for colour sanding and paint finishing. The disc features an adhesive backing, allowing for easy attachment and removal where DA sanding is used.
Usually ships in 8 days
Line Hookit
Type Velcro Discs
Minimum order quantity 4 items
Vendor part number 7000119792
Color White
Disc Size 6xNH
Diameter 6"
Grit 1000
Vacuum Type Non-Vacuum
Material 260L
Grain Aluminum oxide
Backing material film
  • Standard abrasive disc with 3M Hookit Attachment
  • Fast cutting and long lasting
  • Re-attachable fastening system to help extend disc life
  • Works on a variety of substrates
  • Use for paint preparation and finishing
  • May also be used for removing dust nibs and texture matching orange peel