1410 3 Cubitron II Quickchange Red Roloc Cloth disc Pack grit Aluminum oxide

by 3M

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CA NQC 1410

The 3M Roloc Brake Rotor Surface Conditioning Disc Starter Pack features premium 120 grit discs designed to create non-directional scratch patterns on brake rotor surfaces after turning on a lathe. This starter pack includes nine discs and one pad; when used together, helps to reduce squeal and chatter and improve stopping performance.
Usually ships in 8 days
Line Roloc
Type Roloc Discs
Minimum order quantity 12 items
Vendor part number 7000120432
Color Red
Diameter 3"
Grain Aluminum oxide
Backing material cloth
  • Cloth backing
  • Suggested Disc Pad Assembly, PN05539
  • Cloth backing
  • Aluminum Oxide mineral abrasive